Guide to Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway - Explore Oslo's boroughs - Activities and attractions -

Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen

Up until 1982 Aker Brygge consisted of a shipyard and mechanical industry, but from 1985 one of Oslo’s largest property projects became a tourist magnet with car free areas, shops, cultural offers and restaurants, bars and cafés.

Aker Brygge’s restaurants have a seating capacity of 5000, 2500 of which are outdoors. This area has something for every taste and wallet, but the selection is probably best for persons with well-lined wallets. The waterfront along the fjord is teeming with activity 24 hours a day, particularly in summer, and it doesn’t cost anything to wander along the quay and enjoy life.

Tjuvholmen is the newest of Oslo’s boroughs. The area is characterized by an intriguing architectural diversity and unique outdoor areas, and plays host to several galleries and art installations. The New Astrup Fearnley Museet is located here. Tjuvholmen’s restaurants are known for their high standards and great locations.