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Free parking with the Oslo Pass

With the Oslo Pass, you can park for free at all municipal car parks.

Parkeringsskilt - kommunal parkering

Make sure the car park has a public sign – a white P on a blue background. All municipal car parks have an official sign and are marked with the Oslo City Council logo. 

To validate your parking ticket, please print your car registration number, as well as the date and the time you start parking with a ballpoint pen on the ticket. Please leave your parking ticket easily visible inside the front window.

The parking ticket which is part of your Oslo Pass, is only valid in municipal parking areas. It is not valid in parking areas or car parks operated by private companies. Please observe the maximum allowed parking time in each individual parking area. 

Map showing the location of municipal parking places

How to read the map:
«Makstid» = number of hours you are allowed to park («Ingen» = no limitation) – this limitation also applies when you use your Oslo Pass for parking. Maximum allowed parking time is not always mentioned in the map, but you will find this information on signs by the parking places. 
«Avgiftstid» = the period when there is a parking fee (Saturday hours in parentheses), outside these hours parking is free and maximum time does not apply.  
The map is created by the Municipality of Oslo, and VisitOSLO cannot be held responsible for any wrong information.

Please note:

  • Private parking houses (e.g. EuroPark, Q-Park) are not free with the Oslo Pass
  • The parking lots next to the Vikingship museum and outside the Norwegian Maritime Museum on Bygdøy are not municipal car parks.
  • The senior discount does not give access to free parking.
  • A 24 hour Oslo Pass does not mean 24 hours free parking. Please note the maximum allowed parking time.
  • Parking is not included in the Oslo Pass app. If you want to use the Oslo Pass for parking, you need to get a paper pass (for adults) at one of our sales points.

General information on parking regulations in Oslo

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