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Akerselva River

Take a walk along Akerselva, a year-round natural attraction rich in industrial history.

Lake Maridalsvannet, where the river starts
Lake Maridalsvannet, where the river starts
Photo: VisitOSLO/Rolf Thoresen

The river Akerselva is the "vein of the city", running from the lake Maridalsvannet, which is Oslo's main supply of drinking water, through the city's most populated areas, ending in the Oslo Fjord. 

History, culture and recreation

Hønse-Lovisas hus, a charming place to stop along the river
Hønse-Lovisas hus, a charming place to stop along the river
Photo: VisitOSLO/Leif-Harald Ruud

The river has significant value for the people of the city in many ways. Akerselva has a rich history connected to the industrialisation which started around the year 1850. But at the same time, it is today living proof of Oslo people's need for recreation in green areas and beautiful nature. Akerselva is an important part of Oslo's cultural heritage – great for a walk or bicycle ride, you can go fishing or swimming, or explore the rich animal and plant life along the river.

From Maridalsvannet to Vaterland

Walking from the lake Maridalsvannet down to Vaterland park in the centre takes about two hours if you don't take any breaks (9 km). We do recommend taking one’s time and exploring the possibilities that present themselves along the way – spend the whole day or divide the walk into parts and do a little each day! Observe how life along the river changes with the seasons; rushing waterfalls in the spring, quiet swimming ponds, autumn colors on the trees in the fall, or natural snow and ice sculptures along the river in the winter.

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