Boating on the Oslo fjord

Boating on the Oslo Fjord

In summer, you can live life to the fullest on the Oslo Fjord. 

When the temperature in the city rises, head for the sea to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, feel the cool breeze on your skin, and relish that true holiday feeling. With an ever-increasing number of activities, everyone can enjoy a day out on the fjord, no matter the budget.

Here are some of our favourites. 

1. Rent a Viking rowboat

If you want to feel like a Viking, you can rent a traditional færing from Row Row, right next to the Opera house, and go plundering on the Oslo fjord. The Vikings built færing-type boats using the same techniques they used for building the big Viking ships exhibited at the Viking Ship Museum. To rent them, you don’t need to believe in Odin and Thor, you just have to be able to swim.

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2. Go kayaking

Are kayaks boats? Of course they are! Normally, you need a licence to paddle around on the Oslo fjord. However, with a guided tour, everyone can explore the natural beauty of the fjord and Oslo’s hip waterfront whilst getting a good workout. 

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3. Be a Pirate

If rowing and paddling sounds too stressful for you, just stroll down Aker Brygge to GreenBoats. Here, you can turn into an environmentally conscious pirate and roam the fjord in a renovated wreck. The boats at GreenBoats had all been destined for the scrap yard, before they were rescued and given new life with an electric motor. So, say “Arrr” and go treasure hunting for plastic waste, which is worth its weight in gold at GreenBoats.

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4. Go on a cruise

Nothing says summer quite like a tour of the fjord on board an old sailing boat. No matter if you want to explore the city from a unique point of view, enjoy the evening sun whilst feasting on prawns, or dance to blues and jazz played live on board - Båtservice has the perfect tour for you.

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5. Find your island

The ferries of Oslo’s public transport service Ruter take you to idyllic islands and beautiful beaches within minutes. On Hovedøya, Gressholmen or Langøyene, you can relax, swim and sunbathe – in short have the perfect island holiday for the price of a normal public transport ticket. If you want a day trip, you can also take a ferry to the beautiful, historic Håøya island or the idyllic fjord town Drøbak.

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