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Ladies Floor

Apart from Oslo's two pure design hotels, First Hotel Grims Grenka and Thon Hotel Gyldenløve, Grand Hotel offers a separate floor dedicated to women: Ladies Floor.

Ladies Floor consists of 13 uniquely styled rooms - the rooms are specially designed in collaboration between architects and famous Norwegian women. We went to Grand Hotel and spoke to sales and marketing director, Kari Hasselknippe

Who are the typical guests on the Ladies Floor?

The rooms are ordered both during weekdays and weekends, but we see a somewhat greater demand from girlfriends on weekends. Many combine a girls' weekend in Oslo with a stay at our Ladies Floor. There are not so many that stay here for a longer period - often just one night, a weekend or a long weekend. 

Are some of the rooms more popular than others? Do the guests choose rooms based on who has designed it or based on what style they like?

The rooms are very different and we experience that most guests find their own favourite. However, our guests have very different taste, so we do not see any clear favourites. So I think the different styles determine the guest's choice. However, we see a great commitment before booking a room - many have visited our website beforehand to find the most suitable room.  

What is your best tip for an Oslo tourist interested in design?

My best suggestion is to visit the new Opera House. We have many guests who haven't seen it yet! I can also mention our Artesia SPA which is also a design experience, and came in a well-merited 2nd place at Designers Saturday last year, when the Opera House won.

The 13 Norwegian women who have designed the rooms on the Ladies Floor are:

Margreth Olin – film director and screenwriter
Silje Nergaard – jazz musician and songwriter
Ane Dahl Torp – actress
Suzann Pettersen – golfer
Cecilie Juvodden – designer
Bertine Zetlitz – pop singer
Maria Bonnevie – actress
Kari Traa – freestyle skier
Iram Haq – actress and filmmaker
Åsne Seierstad – freelance journalist and writer
Kristin Rivelsrud – former hotel manager
Mari Boine – Sami singer and musician
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