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Ski routes in Oslo

Descriptions of five popular skiing routes in the Nordmarka forest.

General information

The ski routes around Oslo are for the most part well marked and signposted, but it is still recommended to use a map, especially for long tours. Maps and more information about the sport cabins and outdoor activities are available at DNT Oslo & Omegn (located in Storgata 3 in the city centre). Maps are also generally available in sporting goods stores and in book stores.


Please note that changes in the described routes may occur, and that skiing trips are at your own risk.



Route 1: Sognsvann – Ullevålseter – Sognsvann

Start: Metro (6) from the city centre to Sognsvann station


Relatively short and easy trip, with possibility for a break at Ullevålseter restaurant. The trip starts a little past the bar by the parking lot at Sognsvann station. There are tracks on both sides of the lake, Sognsvannet, and it is possible to go on one side at the way up to Ullevålseter and return at the other side (parts of the rout back is not illuminated).


Distance: ~ 11 km

Floodlit ski trail: Yes



Route 2: Frognerseteren – Skjennungstua – Frognerseteren

Nice roundtrip where you can enjoy a break in the cosy restaurant Skjennungstua, known for its delicious homemade cakes and sandwiches. The trail starts from the other side of the subway station Frognersetern. Follow the signs to Tryvann and further to Skjennungstua. The restaurant is situated on a hill with nice view over the forest. Take the same way back.


Distance: ~12 km

Floodlit ski trail: From Frognerseteren to Tryvann only



Route 3: Frognerseteren – Ullevålseter – Sognsvann

Start: Metro (1) from Majorstua to Frognerseteren station.

Return: Metro (6) from Sognsvann


A route in diverse terrains, with good views along the way. Same starting point as route 2 (see above), but continue on to Ullevålseter from Skjennungstua. Ullevålseter serves basic meals. The last part goes down to Sognsvann station (follow the signs from Ullevålseter).


Distance: ~15 km

Floodlit ski trail: from Frognerseteren to Tryvann, and from Ullevålseter to Sognsvann.



Route 4: Frognerseteren – Kikutstua – Bjørnholt – Sognsvann

Start: Metro (1) to Frognerseteren

Return: Metro (6) from Sognsvann


The trail starts right next to the Frognerseteren station. Follow the signs to Tryvann and further to Kobberhaugen and Kikut (approximarely 11 km). Possibility for a break at Kobberhaugshytta. Kikut is nicely located at the end of the lake, Bjørnsjøen. They offer acommodation and have a restaurant. Return: Cross Bjørnsjøen south to the end of the lake. After some hundred meters you arrive at the idyllic farm Bjørnholt. Follow south-east to Rottungen. Go south to Skjersjøen and continue to Ullevålseter and Sognsvann.


Distance: ~ 26 km

Floodlit ski trail: From Ullevålseter to Sognsvann only



Route 5: Stryken – Hakkloa – Kikut – Ullevålseter – Sognsvann

Start: Train from Oslo Central Station to Stryken station (approx. 50 min)

Return: Metro (6) from Sognsvann to city centre


From the Stryken station, go over the bridge and follow the trail in the southbound direction Fiskeløysåsen/Bjørneputten /Stålmyra. Note: steep incline in the beginning. After 4 km you hit a trail intersection: follow the signs to the south direction Måsjøen. Continue along the lake, Hakkloa. Possibilty for a break at Kikutstua. From Kikut, follow the lake down to Ullevålseter. From here it is 5 km to Sognsvann station.


Distance: ~ 25 km

Floodlit ski trail: From Ullevålseter to Sognsvann only uses cookies

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