Ban of fires 15 April to 15 September

Lighting fires in the forest

15 April–15 September you are not allowed to light fires in the forest and on the islands.

Children grilling 'bread on a stick' on the campfire
Children grilling 'bread on a stick' on the campfire
Photo: VisitOSLO/Nancy Bundt

All use of open fire is forbidden in or near forests and other outlying areas from 15 April to 15 September. This applies to bonfires, grills, fire pits, camp stoves and any other type of open fire. 

Public campfire sites 

There are public campfire sites in the forests and on the islands, which can be used all year.  

Dry periods 
After long periods of dry weather, you should take extra precautions, as the risk of forest fires will be high. Grass, shrubs and trees are extremely dry, they catch on fire easily, and a wildfire could spread very quickly, so be careful with cigarette stubs etc.