A foodie's take on Oslo - #visitoslo2018

Oslo the foodie way

Peruvian food blogger Daniel tastes his way through the Norwegian capital – bite for bite, sip by sip.

Join Daniel, one of the #visitoslo2018 participants, as he checks out Oslo's cafés and restaurants: 

Daniel is a Peruvian foodie who's been living in Stockholm, Sweden for three years. There he works as a chef and blogs about food and travelling, and has long wanted to check out the restaurant scene in Oslo. 

'Oslo's food scene – although young – is very dynamic and varied and is rapidly catching up and shaping as a culinary destination.'

Daniel likes almost all kinds of food, but oysters have never been a favourite. That was until Vladimir Pak, the chef at Itamae, prepared one for him:  

'That's the first time I liked an oyster in my life. Chef Vladimir paired it with a mirin sauce and delicate fish roe … A magic bite!'