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Table tales from the Oslo region

Meet some of the region's finest culinary artists.

The Oslo region’s booming food scene is born from a rare closeness between urban life and nature.  

The energy and diversity of the region’s cities inspire excellence and innovation in cooking. With farmlands, forests and the fjord nearby, even the most urban of restaurants have access to fresh ingredients that have traveled a few hours – at most. The result is modern food with a quality and distinctive touch that attracts foodies from all over the world.



Who better to present this unique food scene than the people who have created it? Join us on a journey where some of the Oslo region’s foremost culinary artists talk about their passion for food and for the places where they live and work.

Local seafood in Fredrikstad

Ingeborg Nygaard, manager and chef at Slippen seafood restaurant in Fredrikstad, takes pride in offering dishes made with local ingredients.

She is very much in love with her current hometown, where she, among other things, enjoys spending time in the historic old town and out in the archipelago of Hvaler

Fresh produce at Hadeland

Olav Lie-Nilsen, owner of Thorbrørnrud Hotell in Jevnaker, has a passion for food that ranges from the growing of vegetables to the final presentation of dishes in the hotel's restaurant.

His home district of Hadeland is a popular destination for country breaks, and Lie-Nilsen recommend a visit to the renowned industrial company Hadeland Glassverk and the beautiful outdoor sculpture park at Kistefos

Gourmet at the pier in Sandefjord

Bocuse d'Or-winning chef Geir Skeie makes local ingredients shine at his fjord-side restaurant Brygga 11 in Sandefjord.

A  perfect day for Geir includes a visit to Midtåsen sculpture park, a game of golf and fishing in the fjord by Verdens ende  'the worlds end'.

Craft beer in Hamar

Jeremy Metzger chose Hamar over Hawaii as the place to brew his beer.

When he’s not at work, Jeremy enjoys Hamar’s scenic location by Lake Mjøsa, and its skating scene (despite being a bit old for skateboarding). He also recommends a trip to Alungstad destillery  the only historical distillery in Norway still in operation.

Relaxation in Akershus

Helene Jahren is the general manager and owner at Restaurant Gamle Tårnhuset in Kolbotn, Akershus. She loves being with her guests, and works to create a relaxing atmosphere in her restaurant.

When not at work, Helene enjoys a visit to the nearby spa and bathhouse The Well or a dip in the Oslo fjord. She is also fond of the many outdoor activities that are on offer right outside her workplace.

Wilderness in Lillehammer

For father and son Fredrik and Bjørn Hettervik, chefs at Lysaker Gjestgiveri, the perfect meal starts in the wilderness around their hometown of Lillehammer. A nice day outdoors with fishing and gathering results in wonderful plates of food in their restaurant.

Fredrik and Bjørn also cherish town life in Lillehammer, which is calm and relaxing, yet offers culture and food experiences of the highest quality.

A tavern in the Oslo fjord

Chef Ann Sung-An Lee has lived in London, New York and Tokyo, but is proud to call Oslo her hometown. Her restaurant Gressholmen Kro aims to give its visitors clean and honest food. To get there, however, you have to ride a ferry and find your way through the forest … 

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