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The county of Hedmark welcomes you with picturesque farmlands and deep forests where the elks reign. Cultural highlights include intriguing remnants from medieval times, and the birth place of Edvard Munch.

Land of the forests

The southern parts of Hedmark are made up by friendly farmlands and forests. The Elverum region is home to the Norwegian Forest museum, where tales are told about hunting, trapping, fishing, forestry and forest industry in Norway.

You may even meet and greet the so-called king of the woods - join an elk safari with a local guide and driver, and experience elk and other wildlife up close. Don't forget your camera!

Where historic sites turn into modern landmarks

In the city of Hamar, the ruins of a medieval church at Domkirkeodden is one of the main must-sees. Covered by a protective steel and glass structure reminicent of a cathedral, the ruins make up a mighty landmark on the bank of lake Mjøsa.

Above the city of Kongsvinger you'll find Kongsvinger fortress, which has kept the Swedes out of Norway since its completion in 1682. In fact, no enemy has ever managed to conquer the fortress. In these peaceful times, it is open all year.

A cradle of crafts - and of Edvard Munch

The glassworks at Magnor in South Hedmark date back to 1896. Stop and watch the glass blowers create hand-blown art, with designs and products that have been perfected through generations. Don't miss out on the bargains at the factory outlet!

Norway's world-famous painter Edvard Munch was born in Hedmark. He moved to Oslo at the age of one, but returned to the region on several occasions. The Munch Center, located at his birthplace Ådalsbruk, will tell you more about Munch's visits to Hedmark and show you some of his childhood works.

Hedmark highlights

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