Oslo in the media

Oslo in the media

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Condé Nast Traveler - Spain 48 horas en Oslo

Dog Friendly Traveler - Spain Oslo: La primavera del planeta

El País - Spain Noruega se enchufa al siglo que viene

Il Giornale del Cibo - Italy  Cucina norvegese

Aamulehti - Finland Aiotko Osloon? – Katso tästä hittisarja Skamin aitojen tapahtumapaikkojen osoitteet (SKAM)

Lonely Planet - UK On the trail of Munch in Oslo

Cecilia Campolonghi Photography (blog) - Italy Oslo, capitale da non perdere

NeverStopTraveling.com - USA  Affordable 2 weeks trip in Scandinavia

TravelSquire.com - USA Travel Trends: Architravel

Touristik-Aktuell.de - Germany  Oslo: Der letzte Schrei

IamAileen.com (blog) - USA Top 10 free things to do in Oslo, an underrated Nordic Gem (Norway)
Telegraph -
UK - 13 surprising places where you can combine a city break with a ski holiday
Travel + Leisure
- 50 Best Places to Travel in 2017
Bloomberg.com -
USA Forget Vienna, Oslo is the European Cultural Capital to Visit Now
The Guardian - UK The Hunt for Norway's Perfect Christmas Tree
MatadorNetwork.com -
USA Badass itinerary for 24 hours in Oslo

CiaoBambino.com - USA 72 hours in Oslo with Kids
CiaoBambino.com - USA Museums day on Oslo’s Bygdøy Peninsula

Le coin de Voyageurs (blog) - France - Le marché de Noël d'Oslo en 10 photos

Condé Nast Traveler - Spain-  Mercadillos, pasteles de almendra y arboles llenos de luz: Bienvenidos a Oslo en navidad. 

Bloomberg Pursuits - USA-  Forget Vienna, Oslo is the European cultural capital to visit right now. 




All online press results 2016–2017


Aamulehti.fi - Aiotko Osloon? – Katso tästä hittisarja Skamin aitojen tapahtumapaikkojen osoitteet
Aamulehti.fi - Sana, Magnus vai Vilde, Skam-fanien arvailu kuumenee – olisiko seuraava päätähti upea muslimityttö?

Gulli tv / Arthur autotour du monde - Oslo. Arthur visite la ville
Gulli tv / Arthur autotour du monde - Oslo. Arthur sur le bord de mer
Gulli tv / Arthur autotour du monde - Oslo. Arthur et les traditions norvégiennes


Il Giornale del Cibo -  Cucina norvegese

Rai3, Kilimangiaro - Norvegia - Le due capitali Oslo e Bergen

Cecilia Campolonghi Photography (blog)  Oslo, capitale da non perdere



Condé Nast Traveler - 48 horas en Oslo

El Mundo - Anatomía urbana de la fascinante Oslo

El País - Noruega se enchufa al siglo que viene

Dog Friendly Traveler -  Oslo: La primavera del planeta 



TV4 - Tv-succé lockar turistar till Oslo och SKAM-skolan


Rough Guides - The best European city breaks with rural escapes
The Scotsman - Fjord focus on Oslo's great outdoors  


T+L Travel and Leisure - 50 Best Places to Travel in 2017
USA Today - Take me away: On the trail of Viking legends
Huffington Post - What to Gift Yourself ....Based on your Favorite Disney Princess

MatadorNetwork.com - Badass itinerary for 24 hours in Oslo

CiaoBambino.com - 72 hours in Oslo with Kids
CiaoBambino.com - Museums day on Oslo’s Bygdøy Peninsula




Herald Sun: Nordic By Nature. Øya Festival review



The Toronto Star - 8 stops to make on an Eurail trip from Copenhagen to Bergen
The Toronto Star - How to spend 48 hours in Oslo

Slice - Top Instagrammable Hotels in the World 

The Toronto Star - Style reigns at the ultra-modern Thief hotel in Oslo



Kunsten.nu: Jorn udpeger den maleriske Munch

Berlingske: Farven er den frigørende kraft

CPHculture.dk: Månedens rejsemål: Oslo

Kunsten.nu: Oslo Art Weekend

Midtjyllands Avis: Jorn møder Munch i Oslo

Midtjyllands Avis: Video: Kom med på Jorn-Munch udstillingen i Oslo

DK.4. - Georg Julin i Oslo 1:2

DK.4.- Georg Julin i Oslo 2:2

Berlingske - Til folkefest i Oslo



Le coin de Voyageurs (blog) - Le marché de Noël d'Oslo en 10 photos

La Blogothèque - Øya festival 2016 - des photos et des mots

Norvege-fr.com -  Une visite au Centre Nobel de la Paix à Oslo



Touristik-Aktuell.de - Oslo: Der letzte Schrei

Südkurier - Nobelpreis: Eine Show des Friedens

fluters.de - Sie hat Utøya überlebt, jetzt will sie Norwegen verändern

Travelbook Blogstars - Topp Sehenswürdigkeiten für einen Städtetrip in Oslo (blog)

Frankfurter Allegmeine - Winterspaziergang durch Oslo

Geo Magazine - Oslo - Die Szene am Fjord 



Travelo.hu - Oslo


Anil Vohra Photography (blog) - Oslofjord  
Anil Vohra Photography (blog) - Yesterday to tomorrow - Barcode, Oslo 
Anil Vohra Photography (blog) - Noble Peace Center 
Anil Vohra Photography (blog) - Walking around in Oslo Sentrum



Dove  - Oslo: cosa vedere nella città più green del mondo

Io Donna - Oslo, Berlino, Amsterdam e Bologna. Le mete da visitare a ritmo di musica

Spiccando il volo (blog) Oslo - una breve guida

Il giornale della libreria - A Oslo c'è una biblioteca "vietata ai maggiori"

Il Giornale (blog) - Sui tetti di Oslo

Deer Waves - Øyafestivalen 2016

ADN Kronos - Boom di visitatori in Norvegia

L'Italia a Tavola - Un viaggio per le strade di Oslo tra comodità e cucina fusion

Il Fatto Quotidiano - Interrail Scandinavia - Terza tappa: Oslo

Map & Fork (blog) - Scandirail16 - Terza tappa - Oslo 


Globe-Trotter T&E Inc: Anbefalt Pokestopp: Pokemon GO og Oslo-turisme

Yahoo! Japan: Pokemon GO fører til sosiale endringer i Norge både blant sjenerte folk og lovgivere i nasjonalforsamlingen: "play" debatt
Newsweek Japan: Norge nekter å spre mer hat. Hvordan møter Norge 22.juli?
Newsweek Japan: Hvorfor er ikke Norge med i EU?

Globe Trotter T&E Inc: Japanomania 
Globe Trotter T&E Inc: Grønntekake på Nasjonalgalleriet
Globe Trotter T& E Inc: Johns + Munch
Globe Trotter T&E Inc: Rouleur
Globe Trotter T&E Inc: Kaffetur i Oslo med det japanske aeropress-mesterskapet 
Globe Trotter T&E Inc: Musikkfestivaler i Oslo i august
Yahoo! Japan: Oslos lengste vannsklie
Yahoo! Japan: Kunst, tekstil og mote: Mari Meen Halsøy
Yahoo! Japan: Oslo vertskap for konferanse mot dødsstraff 
Yahoo! Japan: Resirkulering av kaffegrut - Gruten i Oslo
All About: Hvor dyrt er det egentlig i Norge?
All About: Disse supermarkedvarene anbefales for turister
Yahoo! Japan - Kunstneren som lapper sammen en sønderskutt by

Yahoo! Japan - The Munch museum. Again many naked photos, but nobody calls the police. Why? 

Globetrotter T&E Inc - Nord, new and recommended restaurant in Tøyen

Globetrotter T&E Inc - Yayoi Kusama's new exhibition

All About - Visit the Vigeland Park

Globetrotter T&E Inc - Exhibition at the Nobel Peace Center 

Globetrotter T&E Inc - Grünerløkka kaffehus

Globetrotter T&E Inc - By:Larm Scandinavia's biggest music business festival

Globetrotter T&E Inc - Sunday Market at Blå

Globetrotter T&E Inc - Christmas Market in Oslo

Asia One - 10 of the world's best plaecs for a female solo traveller

Inspire to travel (blog) - City Guide Oslo


All These Places - Making the most of Oslo



Evitravel.pl (blog) - Oslo na weekend: informacje praktyczne


TAP Portugal's inflight mazine UP Magazine - Oslo bares the soul of things



Condé Nast Traveler Spain: Mercadillos, pasteles de almendra y arboles llenos de luz: Bienvenidos a Oslo en navidad. 

El Mundo - Una ruta por los edificios más sorprendentes de Oslo

Una idea un viaje (blog) - Oslo: Información practica...

El Norte de Castilla - Oslo, una capital a pie de fiordo

Dogfriendlytraveler (blog) -  The Thief

La Vanguardia Magazine - La belleza de lo discreto

Vanitatis: Gastronomía noruega: hay delicatessen más allá del salmón (y del reno)

El Español: 6 cosas que te sorprenderán de Noruega (si eres español)

Vanitatis: Oslo: Escapada entre los vikingos "hipster" de Noruega

Tu Gran Viaje - Oslo, donde no se pone el sol (¡En verano!)

Viajeros: 3 días en Oslo

Madrileños por el mundo (TV) - Oslo

El País - Oslo, la ciudad (casi) perfecta

El País -  10 pistas en la nueva Oslo

Wildjunket.com - A Look Back at Kayla's Travels in Her First Year

Iberia Airlines blog and inflight magazine - Why Norway's Capital Oslo is a Real Prize


Kanal 7 - Dünyayi Geziyorum - Oslo 



Telegraph 13 surprising places where you can combine a city break with a ski holiday
The GuardianThe Hunt for Norway's Perfect Christmas Tree
Travel and Hotels (blog) - The Hunt for Norway's Perfect Christmas Tree
Monocle 24 (podcast) - Oslo, Design City part 1 
Monocle 24 (podcast) - Oslo, Design City part 2 - Oslo Architecture Triennale 
The Daily Mail - Don't let Oslo's prices leave you screaming: The pass which will save you money on cultural attractions in Norway
The Guardian - 10 of the best sculpture parks in Europe
Enjoy the Adventure (blog) - Oslo, Norway Travel Guide
A much prettier puzzle (blog) - Spotlight on Grünerløkka
The Telegraph - The Thief Hotel Review 
The Independent - Øya Festival 2016: Kamasi Washington, Christine and the Queens and Anderson .Paak perform at a jewel of an event
The Line of Best Fit - This is a free space - The Øya festival Experience
The Guardian - Top 10 seawater swimming pools in Europe
DIY mag - Øya 2016
Just About Travel - A glimpse of Oslo in summer
Dymond Guides (blog) - Four part Oslo Blog
Life in our van (blog) - Absorbing science in the Norse Teknisk in Oslo.... a great chance to play Donkey Kong too...

Life in our van (blog) - Learning that 'Speaking Out Matters' with Fred & Toca Loca at the Nobel Peace Centre

Life in our van (blog) - Our Educational Explorers hit Oslo's Museums

Rebekahesme.com (blog) - 48 hours in Oslo, Norway

The Scottish Sun - Fjord Fiesta - Oslo is the Place Where Smart Thinking is the Norm

BBC Good Food  - Best places to eat in Oslo 

The Scotsman - Oslo, home of the Nobel Prize, is a top cultural destination 

BBC Radio Scotland - Kaye Adams Programme with David Byrne's travels (radio, starts at 01.33.00)

BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal (gaelic), Scotland - Feasgar with David Byrne's travels (radio, starts at 00.47.50)

Wings of the Northern Wind (blog) - Visit Scandinavia: Oslo in 2 days 

Timeless Travels - Walking in the footsteps of Edvard Munch 



Paste Magazine - Checklish: Oslo, Norway
Vogue.com - 5 Delicious Holiday Pastry Recepies From Around The World (That You've Probably Never Heard Of)
Huffington Post - What To Gift Yourself For Christmas Based On Your Favorite Disney Princess
Runawayjuno.com - Best destinations of 2016 in photos
Bloomberg Pursuits - Forget Vienna, Oslo is the European cultural capital to visit right now. 

Itemlive.com (blog) - Oslo, bookend your trip
USA Today - 10 reasons to visit Norway righ now

TravelReaders.com - Northern Exposure

Inspirations & celebrations (blog) - The Luxury Travel Guide to Oslo Norway: The Greatest and Grandest Places To Stay & Play

Ciaobambino.co (blog) - How to Plan an Amazing Norway Itinerary with Kids

The Improper Bostonian - Make Way for Norway
OnBoard.com - Top 12 Things to Do in Oslo 

OnBoard.com - 10 Top Things to Eat and Drink in Oslo

The New York Magazine - Get inspired in Oslo

The Norwegian American - Two ways to rush through Oslo
Frontiers Magazine - 5 Vacation Spots for the Arts-Loving Guy, from Amsterdam to Oslo
JustforCanadiandentists.com - Oslo (Norway)
Frequentbusinesstraveler.com - What's doing in Oslo

Justluxe.com - Above and Below the Arctic Circle: The Bright Flavours of Norway

CS Monitor - Bees travel through Norway by bee highway
Kalesa Traveler - Norway in Summer
National Geographic Traveler - Top 10 Summer Experiences in Norway
Jax Fax Travel Magazine - What's New in Scandinavia 
Indagare.com - Exploring Oslo's Bounty 
Indagare.com - Top Tables Oslo
Indagare.com - Upon arrival Oslo
Indagare.com - Hotel Continental
Indagare.com - The Thief

Indagare.com - The Shopping guide: Oslo


CNN - Culinary theater at the world's most northerly Michelin-starred restaurant
Edge Media Network: Design Hunting by Train through Scandinavia
Edge Media Network: Scrumptious Scandinavia: Exploring Nordic Cuisine by Rail
Indagare - Oslo cheat sheet
Points and Travel - What to do in Oslo
Denver Life Magazine - To Catch a Thief
KatCaprice.com (blog) - Two blonde vikings in Oslo
Metro.us - Coastal Norway's 10 Coolest Experiences 
Edge.com - Design Hunting by Train through Scandinavia
Fodors.com - Coastal Norway's 10 Coolest Experiences

LisettWolterMcKinley.com (blog) - 72 hours in Oslo

Washington Post - The week's best travel deals around the world

St. Paul Pioneer Press - Romancing the rails: Exploring Scandinavia by train

Charleston Living Magazine - Gateway to Norway 

SmarterTravel.com - How to do a Weekend in Oslo, Norway 

SmarterTravel.com - 10 Reasons to Make Norway Your Next Vacation

Conde Nast Traveler - The Best Modern Art Museum Isn't Where You Think It Is

MyStatesman - Exploring Scandinavia on the Rails

Travelagewest.com - Hotel Review: The Thief
Philadelphia Inquirer: Oslo and Bergen: Norwegian charm, beauty and art

Joan Jetsetter (blog) - Oslo on a budget 

The Chicago Tribune - Historic Encounters 

The Points Guy - 10 photos: A Wintertime Tour of Norway 

Frommers.com - 10 hot reasons to visit Norway in the winter

Bridal Guide - Plan an Enchanting Honeymoon in Norway

Examiner.com - New low fare routes to Europe from Logan

Wild Junket.com (blog) - The perfect Winter Break in Oslo  

Washington Post - Norway in the Offseason - Overcast and Underappreciated
JoanJetsetter.com (blog) - Vigeland Park in Oslo is the Spot

TrippingBlonde.com - Plan a perfect day in Oslo

Forbes Travel - Spending Two Perfect Days in Oslo

Shape.com - How To Run Yout Way Through Norway

National Geographic Traveler - How to pass for a local in Oslo
Star2/ Hotels.com - America's next top destinations

CSQ  - The World'd Most Progressive 'Meet' and Retreat Destinations
Architectural Digest - 9 of Norway's most stylish fjord hotels 
Pink Pangea - An Oslo Gataway: The real deal with Veronica James

Matador Network - 10 emotional stages you pass through when you visit Oslo

Matador Network - I scored an invite to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony. Here's what actually goes down there

FairyTaleTraveler (blog) - 10 Amazing Viking Sites in Norway You Must Visit if You're a Vikings Fan


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