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Ibsen's hat

The dramatist Henrik Ibsen was easily recognisable in the cityscape as he strolled down the street with his cane and correctly attired in his top hat and coat.


The hat recurs in many of Ibsen's plays, and is often used as an indicator of a certain situation. The hat should always be on the head when outdoors, be taken off and carried in the hand when entering somewhere. If the male character enters with his hat in his hand, it indicates that he comes from outside. If he puts it on, the character is in all likelihood about to leave the stage. In The Wild Duck (1884), Hjalmar cannot find his hat when he wants to leave his family to 'live in truth' after having found out that the reality is not what he thought it was.


Welcome to the Ibsen Museum and remember the International Ibsen Festival in Oslo in September 2014


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