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Monocle publishes Oslo survey

This autumn the prestigious publication published Oslo City Survey as a supplement to the magazine. In this 32-page guide to Oslo, Monocle "takes the temperature of this fast-changing city".

Oslo Business Region and several partners funded the project for Monocle, but the magazine had editorial freedom when producing the supplement.

Some highlights from Monocle's Oslo City Survey:

"As well as Oslo’s conspicious natural gifts, the city also boasts a forward-looking, liberal take on everything from sustainability to gender equality."

"The city’s entrepreneurial scene is blossoming with an optimistic crop of start-ups.."

"From the pristine beaches of Bygdøy in the city’s west to the stunning views of the city from the Ekeberg Sculpture Park to its east, Oslo is a city with annual appeal – and that's before we’ve even mentioned the 8.2 km river walk that connects the fjord with the forest."

"..Oslo's food scene is busy giving Scandinavia's reputation for innovatiion a helpful boost."

"All Oslo's attractions are reachable thanks to a very well-connected city; you can also enjoy free wi-fi almost anywhere. Cherck out the Oslo Pass app for access to all museums and the Ruter app for information on public transport."

"..catchy melodies are year-round obsessions in a city that has more concerts than any other in Scandinavia." uses cookies

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