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Tourism in Oslo and Norway in numbers - where to find statistics and analysis on domestic and international tourism.

Who from where are staying where, when and why?

Tourists in Oslo

Every year more than three million guest nights are spent in the hotels of Oslo, and our city is rapidly becoming a considerable, European tourist destination. As the official tourist authority in Oslo, VisitOSLO gather, survey and distribute large amounts of data every year in cooperation with the travel industry, our cooperating partners, the Municipality of Oslo and Innovation Norway. 

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway promotes nationwide industrial development profitable to both the business economy and Norways national economy, and helps release the potential of different districts and regions by contributing towards innovation, internationalisation and promotion.
As of 1 January 2004 the new state owned company Innovation Norway replaced the following four organisations: The Norwegian Tourist Board, the Norwegian Trade Council, the The Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund, SND and the Government Consultative Office for Inventors, SVO.
The state owned company employs more than 700 people. Innovation Norway has offices in all the Norwegian counties and in more than 30 countries world wide. The head office is located in Oslo.


Statistics Norway

Statistics Norway (Norwegian: Statistisk sentralbyrå, abbreviated to SSB) is the Norwegian statistics bureau. Relying on a staff of about 1,000, Statistics Norway publish about 1,000 new statistical releases every year on its web site. All releases are published both in Norwegian and English. In addition a number of edited publications are published, and all are available on the web site for free.

As the central Norwegian office for official government statistics, Statistics Norway provides the public and government with extensive research and analysis activities. It is administratively placed under the Ministry of Finance but operates independently from all government agencies. It relies extensively on data from registers, but are also collecting data from surveys and questionnaires, including from cities and municipalities.



The Norwegian Centre for Transport Research

The main objectives of the Norwegian Centre for Transport Research are to carry out applied research on issues connected with transport. It also promotes the application of research results by advising the authorities, the transport industry and the public at large.
Its sphere of activity includes most of the current major issues in road, rail, sea and air transport. The Institute is also involved in international cooperation within the transport sector. uses cookies

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