Oslo toll ring / toll plazas

The Oslo toll ring

When driving into Oslo you will pass a toll plaza.

Prices and payment

You are charged every time you drive into the city. The price is currently (August 2016) 33 NOK for a max. 3500 kg car. You do not pay to drive out of the city. 

Oslo's toll plazas are automatic. All vehicles shall drive through without stopping. If you have an AutoPASS tag (subscription), you will be charged according to the AutoPASS agreement.

For vehicles without an AutoPass tag, payment is made after passing. The vehicle's registration number is photographed upon passing and the owner will receive an invoice by post. Please note that it can take 2-3 months before the invoice is issued.

Visitors from abroad

Invoices for cars registered in other countries are issued by EPC, which uses the different countries' car registers to find the name and address of the car owner. The invoice is paid to EPC, a company located in London.
More information about Visitors' Payment at autopass.no.

The Oslo toll ring is operated by Fjellinjen AS 

For information about toll roads elsewhere in Norway, please see www.autopass.no.

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