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Katrine Mosfjeld

Director Media and Campaigns

Contact Katrine:
Tel. +47 93 41 05 30
E-mail: katrine.mosfjeld@visitoslo.com 

Katrine Mosfjeld,VisitOSLO
Katrine Mosfjeld,VisitOSLO
Photo: VisitOSLO/Fotograf Sturlason

What does Katrine do? 
Katrine is head of the Buzz Oslo department – which comprises eight people who, together with her, manage and develop media and promotional campaigns.

This includes VisitOSLO's own media, such as visitoslo.com and applications, distribution of content to other media, Oslo in social media, and Oslo in traditional media through press services. The department is also responsible for various regional partnerships.

Katrine has held various positions at VisitOSLO since 2001.

Who is Katrine? 
Katrine studied at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management in Stavanger where she specialised in Visitor Management. After graduating she worked as general manager for Opplev Oppdal, where she initiated her first website as early as 1999. Since then Katrine has been dedicated to digital communication and innovation – she has experimented with digital media and challenged established truths within the field of communication.

Katrine rolls her Rs like any good Kristiansander, but there is no doubt that she loves Oslo. She is a ski freak – and we're talking about all kinds of downhill skiing. Before becoming mother to Ulrik in autumn 2012, Katrine used to attend all the music concerts Oslo could throw at her – and there are a lot!

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