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Travel Tech Day 2015

VisitOSLO invites you to Travel Tech Day during Oslo Innovation Week. 


Date: 15 October 2015


Nobel Peace Center

1200 NOK, lunch included


Strategist Thomas Sprangers will discuss how service design can improve the customer experience and increase positive word-of-mouth.  

The inspiring Anna Kirah will talk about creating  a climate for innovation in an organisation.

Helsingborg's Head of internet Joakim Jardenberg has given his city free wi-fi. He will share his thoughts on what social media and free wi-fi can do for a destination and for a company. 

Trend spotter Göran Adlén will guide us through the trends that we all have to consider.  

The talks will be in English, Norwegian or Swedish.

We hope to see you 15 October for a day of talks about innovation, technology and the travel industry. 


Oslo Innovation Week

Travel Tech Day is part of 

Oslo Innovation Week 


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