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About Travel Tech Day

For the second time Oslo Innovation Week presents a day dedicated to technology and innovation in the travel industry.

Travel Tech Day 15 October #traveltechOslo

Oslo Innovation Week is the biggest innovation event in Europe. For the second time, as part of this event, VisitOSLO will host Travel Tech Day.

The travel industry is growing, locally, nationally and globally. Innovation and use of new technology has become increasingly essential if you want to succeed in this business. This applies to the way we market our products, and also to the way we develop them. At Travel Tech Day, we explore the important relationship between the travel industry, technology and innovation through a varied programme that features speakers from both inside and outside the travel industry.

The innovators take the lead
Technology companies have become some of the strongest commercial machines in the travel business. While the rest of us were meeting travel agents at a trade fair, they found ways to use technological advances to facilitate and enrich travelling. And while the travel industry was trembling with fear at the thought of online ratings and reviews by ordinary guests, TripAdvisor was established precisely to make it easy for anyone to share their travel experiences. It is now the world’s largest travel website.

When taking the Airport Express Train in Oslo, you can just swipe your credit card. At the airport you check yourself in, and drop off your own luggage. Hilton Hotel Worldwide recently introduced mobile check-in: thousands of hotels now let the customers use their phone as a room key. 

These are innovations. Some of them are so-called disruptive innovations, so different in concept that they not only change the game, but also the rules and who’s allowed to play. In addition to focusing on innovations within the travel industry, we have invited people to teach us about disruptive innovations in general. Perhaps we become the game changers next?

Who should come? 
The event is intended for management, owners, entrepreneurs and investors within the accommodation, restaurant, experience and transport industries. It will also be of interest for others cooperating with the travel industry, such as technology suppliers and consultants, and those looking to expand in the industry or just understand it better. Welcome!


   15 October 2015

  Nobel Peace Center
  1200 NOK incl. lunch

Oslo Innovation Week

Travel Tech Day is part of 

Oslo Innovation Week 


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