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Travel Tech Day 15 October #traveltechOslo

We have put together an interesting programme for Travel Tech Day. Speakers from inside and outside the travel industry will shed light on the importance of innovation to the future of the industry. 

09.00 am:

09.30 am: 
Welcome to Travel Tech Day
Bente Bratland Holm, CEO | VisitOSLO

09.40 am: 

Göran Adlén
Göran Adlén
Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström

Forget everything you have learned before (in Swedish) 
Göran Adlen

In the new digital world you no longer own your own brand; it's harder to control what is being said about you. Trend spotter and awarded speaker Göran Adlén will talk about the trends that we all have to embrace, because our guests are.

The talk will be held in Swedish.

– Break –

10.55 am: 

Travel Innovation: How can the Norwegian travel industry secure a sustainable future?
Anna Kirah | Making Waves

The world is changing at a pace we find difficult to keep up with, we have entered the age of turbulence. Technology affects culture and society and, likewise, culture and society affect the development of new technologies. To succeed with our products and services, we need to mirror the needs of the people we serve. Who are these people, and what are their needs? How can the Norwegian travel industry secure a sustainable future in these times of turbulence?

In her talk Anna Kirah will frame the context and present cases from Norway and abroad.

The talk will be held in English.

11.40 am: 

Free wifi – the most important success criteria for your company! (in Swedish)
Joakim Jardenberg | City of Helsingborg

There is a huge difference between what we experience and what we remember. This makes it important to allow people to share the positive experiences immediately. Jardenberg will talk about how they built the world’s perhaps largest and freest wifi zone, as well as the response and results, and what it does to the city brand.

The talk will be held in Swedish.

12.30–1.30 pm: 


1.30 pm: 

Thomas Sprangers
Thomas Sprangers

Applying service design to improve the customer experience - and increase positive word-of-mouth 
Thomas Sprangers | Destinaton Think!

You don't want to go to Spain, you want to spend time with your family away from work to re-charge. You don't want to use a cab, you want to get to your hotel in the most relaxed way possible, so you can start your holiday. A product or service is merely a means to an end. The real value lies in people's motivations and the story attached. In the current socially connected world, stories about your business are plentiful all over the internet and shape the perception of your customers.
In his presentation, Thomas Sprangers will explain service design thinking, and how the science uses a set of tools and methods that allow businesses to bring to light opportunities to improve the experiences people have, innovating your business and creating positive word of mouth.

The talk will be held in English.


2.00 pm: 

Daniel Ord Rasmussen
Daniel Ord Rasmussen

An introduction to the sharing economy - an entirely new way of doing business 
Daniel Ord Rasmussen | Seismonaut 

Daniel Ord Rasmussen's presentation will give the attendees an overview of what the sharing economy is and what is means for tourism businesses right now. Through cases and examples Rasmussen will paint a picture of what opportunities the sharing economy presents, but also of what challenges that need to be addressed for an organisation to benefit from this emerging business model. 

The talk will be held in English.


2.40 pm: 
Innovation and innovators in the Norwegian travel industry  

Cathrine Pia Lund, Innovasjon Norge
Cathrine Pia Lund, Innovasjon Norge
Photo: Erik Berg

Is Norway lagging behind when it comes to innovation? (in Norwegian) 
Cathrine Pia Lund | Innovation Norway

Case presentation:
High-tech vs no-tech in the hotel industry (in Norwegian)

Simen Vinge, Comfort Xpress
Simen Vinge, Comfort Xpress

Simen Vinge | Comfort Xpress

Comfort Xpress is an innovative budget hotel concept with three hotels. Since the beginning they have used new technology in innovative ways. Simen Vinge will talk about how the key to success is understanding the possibilities that emerge in the landscape where high-tech meets no-tech, and how they have used this understanding to create a new generation of hotels for a new generation of guests.  

The talk will be held in Norwegian. 

3.30 pm: 
Closing remarks 
Bente Bratland Holm, CEO | VisitOSLO

Programme ends 4 pm  


   15 October 2015

  Nobel Peace Center
  1200 NOK incl. lunch

Oslo Innovation Week

Travel Tech Day is part of 

Oslo Innovation Week 


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