Climate and temperatures in Oslo

Climate and temperatures in Oslo


Oslo is beautifully situated at the head of the Oslo Fjord surrounded by forested ridges, and this very location gives the city qualities you may not expect from a capital. Do you know of any other capital where you can go skiing and kayaking, make excursions to an island or go ice skating – all within the city limits?


Thanks to the Gulf Stream bringing temperate water from the Gulf of Mexico, Oslo's climate is milder that what its latitude would imply.

Many poeple see Oslo as the winter capital. But Oslo is just as much a summer city: On nice summer days the small boats crowd the Oslo Fjord and the parks are full of picnickers – Oslo's citizens really make the most of it when the sun appears.

Temperatures in Oslo

Winter (November–March): 
Average temperatures: 0,7 to -4,3°C 
Min. temperature: -15,3°C 
Max. temperature: 13,2°C 

Spring (April–May):
Average temperatures: 4,5 to 10,8°C 
Min.temperature: -2,4°C 
Max. temperature: 25,2°C 

Summer (June–August): 
Average temperatures: 15,2 to 16,4°C
Min. temperature: 6,1°C 
Max. temperature: 30,5°C 

Autumn (September–October):
Average temperatures: 6,3 to 10,8°C 
Min. temperature: -0,2°C 
Max. temperature: 22,5°C 

Source: Statistics Norway (min./max. temperatures from 2006)