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Opening hours December/Christmas 2015

Shops, tourist information office and attractions have reduced opening hours in connection with Christmas and New Year.



Karl Johan in December
Karl Johan in December
Photo: VisitOSLO/Nancy Bundt

Most shops have extended opening hours in December.

Late night shopping: Oslo City Shopping (next to the Central Station) is open until 10 pm on weekdays, and until midnight on weekdays 14-22 December. The same goes for Storo Storsenter (by Storo subway station). Byporten Shopping is open until 22 on weekdays in December.

Sundays: Many shops are open the last three Sundays before Christmas (allowed to stay open 2–8pm), but this will vary from shop to shop.
The big shopping malls downtown will be open 2-8 pm the last three Sundays before Christmas (6, 13 and 20 December).  

- CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR (24 Dec to 1 Jan) - 
These are the hours the shops are allowed to stay open, but the actual opening hours will vary. 
Christmas Eve 24. Dec: until 4 pm, but many shops close earlier 
Holidays (25.-26. Dec, 1 Jan): closed
Sundays: closed, except Sundays before Christmas (see above) 
All other days: free opening hours 
Please note that 31 December is not a public holiday, but most shops will close at 4 pm or earlier. 

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Oslo Visitor Centre, the tourist information office
Oslo Visitor Centre, the tourist information office
Photo: Mona Lindseth

Oslo Visitor Centre is open every day during December, including the holidays!   

Opening hours

24 Dec.     9 am–2 pm
25–27 Dec.   10 am–4 pm
28–30 Dec.   9 am–6 pm
31 Dec.   9 am–4 pm
1–3 Jan.   10 am–4 pm

Location and details about the tourist information centre 



Most attractions have reduced opening hours during the Christmas holidays. 24.12-25.12 and 31.12-01.01 most of the attractions are closed.



Many restaurants are closed during the Christmas holidays. To find a restaurant that stays open, please refer to our list based on information from the restaurants: 

The restaurants may change their opening hours without notice. We recommend booking a table in advance to make sure the restaurant is open. uses cookies

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