Free festival: Granittrock, 1–2 Sept 2017 - Oslo, Norway

Granittrock 1–2 September 2017

Granittrock in Groruddalen aims to be a festival for everyone, and they have succeeded: There is no age limit, there is plenty of room, and best of all; it's free! 

The festival is also alcohol free, so there's really no reason not to bring the whole family to Granittrock for a unique cultural experience. 

The festival has free entrance and more or less unlimited space!


Venue: Arena Lillomarka, Groruddalen in the east of Oslo
Public transport: Metro (t-bane) or bus to Grorud
Map showing the location of Arena Lillomarka 

About the festival

Granittrock 2011: Sama D
Granittrock 2011: Sama D
Photo: Siri Ovstein/Granittrock

The festival is held in the forest of Lillomarka in Groruddalen in the eastern part of Oslo. The arena by the forest has almost unlimited space, so there is no risk of being stuck on the wrong side of the fence. The festival has had an audience of more than 20,000 in one day.

The festival is held over two days - Friday and Saturday - in the early autumn, and relies on the effort of volunteers and support from the community. It started with a small event in 2005, but in just a few years the festival has "grown up" and become one of the biggest rock festivals in Norway.

As the name Granittrock ("Granite Rock") implies, rock music is the festival's main ingredient, but hip-hop also plays an important part. The family-friendly profile and the large number of local bands makes Granittrock an important cultural event for the inhabitants of Groruddalen. At the same time there are always some bigger names on the programme, making the festival worth the trip for those not living in the area. Bands like Turbonegro and Big Bang have been among the headliners of previous Granittrock festivals.

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