Festival: Oslo World 30 Oct–4 Nov 2018 - Oslo, Norway

Oslo World

30 october–4 November 2018 at various venues in Oslo

As winter draws near, Oslo's most international music festival takes place. Many of the artists who perform at Oslo World are big stars in their part of the world, but may be new acquaintances for most Norwegians.

Complete programme for Oslo World Music Festival


You can buy single tickets for each concert. In addition, there are day passes for Friday and Saturday.
Tickets are available at Oslo Visitor Centre, 7-Eleven or Narvesen shops, or you can buy tickets online.  

About the festival

Oslo World is a six-day festival that presents world music of all kinds. In the course of the festival more than 300 artists from all corners of the world play different concert venues in the centre of Oslo.

Oslo World usually takes place in the end of October and beginning of November – in many ways the perfect time for a festival like this. Oslo can be quite cold and dark at this time of the year, but at Oslo World you can get the feeling of being in more exotic places: Go to the Arabic countries with great raï artists, or let intense yoiking take you to Arctic regions. Move your feet to tabla techno, or swing your hips to afro salsa. Follow the stars of world music and go to wherever you want.

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