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Jorn meets Munch

In an exhibition series named +Munch, Oslo’s Munch Museum shows Edvard Munch’s art side by side with that of six other significant artists. The last exhibition of the series invites you to explore Munch's later works in dialogue with the Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914–1972)


Emigranterne Asger Jorn 1953
Emigranterne Asger Jorn 1953
Photo: Emigranterne Asger Jorn 1953

Asger Jorn is known as one of the founding members of the COBRA movement, and stands today as one of the most important exponents of modern Nordic art. The exhibition Jorn+Munch focuses on the late Edvard Munch and his impact on the artistic practices of Asger Jorn.

In 1945, Jorn visited an exhibition at Oslo’s National gallery in Oslo that mainly displayed Munch’s later paintings. These works both surprised and made a deep impression on Jorn. They would become integral to his subsequent development as an artist, stylistically as well as thematically.

opens for new perspectives on the free, spontaneous and gestical aspects of Munch’s painting which caught Jorn’s attention in the late 40s. In an even broader perspective, the exhibition also looks at Munch’s significance for the development of modern painting in the latter part of the 20th century.

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With +Munch towards the new Munch Museum

Lambda lobby
Lambda lobby
Photo: Estudio Herreros

The +Munch series covers notable art from Munch’s own times up until today. The series started out in the winter of 2015 by juxtaposing Munch with Norwegian contemporary artist Bjarne Melgaard, in an exhibition that generated both excitement and loud complaints. The following summer, Van Gogh+Munch became the most visited exhibition ever at the museum. Munch then met his fellow townsman (and purported rival) Gustav Vigeland towards the end of the year. 

The first +Munch exhibition in 2016 was an intriguing and controversial encounter between Munch and American photohrapher Robert Mapplethorpe. Next came Johns+Munch, with the largest collection of works of painter and printmaker Jasper Johns ever shown in Scandinavia. 

By placing Munch’s art in the context of other important oeuvres, the +Munch series points towards the planned practice in the new Munch museum that is scheduled to be built in Bjørvika. At the new museum, Munch’s art will be shown in the same building as modernist and contemporary works from the Stenersen collection on a permanent basis. The museum will also have plenty of space for visits from other collections, ensuring that Munch’s works are continuously in dialogue with other great art.

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