Activities, attractions and shopping in Bjørvika, Oslo

Things to do in Bjørvika:
Activities, attractions and shopping

Bjørvika is like a candy shop for those with an appetite for modern architecture. Practically everything in the area was built in the last decade or so. The white Opera House rising from the water, the Barcode high-rises that have given the city a new skyline, the unique Akrobaten pedestrian bridge, and the new seawater pool at Sørenga are all much-photographed places, by locals and visitors alike. 

In the Barcode buildings, you will also find exclusive shops and art galleries. Walk out to Sørenga if you’re up for some urban fjord swimming or kayaking. On the opposite side of the inlet, the art project SALT offers a rich cultural programme – and their own wood-burning sauna!

Thirsty? Hungry? Try of one Bjørvika's eateries and bars.