Oslo Pass: Conditions of use

Conditions of use

We recommend reading the conditions of use carefully before you use your Oslo Pass.

  • The Oslo Pass will not be refunded or replaced if unused, activated, lost or stolen. The mobile pass will also not be refunded if the app is uninstalled with unused or validated passes or if the telephone is damaged.

  • The paper Oslo Pass must be validated in the space provided. Please use a ballpoint pen to write the date, month, year and time upon first use. If you validate your Oslo Pass at a museum, the QR code on the back of the card is scanned to log your visit; this is the start time which applies to your Oslo Pass and must be written on the card.
    To validate the mobile Oslo Pass, click the "Activate" button in the app. 

  • The user is responsible for making sure the Oslo Pass is valid for the entire journey when using public transport. If travelling with an Oslo Pass which is expired or not validated during a ticket inspection, you will be fined up to NOK 1150. (See ruter.no for full information about Oslo's transport system and penalty fares.)

  • The Oslo Pass for children applies to children ages 6–17 years. The Oslo Pass for seniors is for people aged 67 and older. 
    The museum and attractions have different age limits for children, i.e. it varies from what age you have to pay, and up to what age you can buy a children's ticket. The user is responsible for checking the age limits when considering whether the Oslo Pass will save you money.
    List of age limits for children in the attractions and activities in the Oslo Pass (PDF) 

  • The 72-hour Oslo Pass includes 24 hours free City Cruise (May-September). 

  • Students up to 30 years of age get a 20 % discount. The student discount is only given at Oslo Visitor Centre and at Ruter's Customer Service Centre at Oslo Central Station, and only to holders of a valid student ID card with photo. This offer is not valid for the mobile Oslo Pass (Oslo Pass app).

  • The Oslo Pass can only be used once a day at each attraction. 

  • The user is responsible for checking the availability of the offers before purchasing the Oslo Pass, to make sure the places you want visit, are open. Some activities are only open parts of the year, and many places are e.g. closed on Mondays, or have limited opening hours during Christmas and Easter and on public holidays. 

Prices 2019


24 hours: 445 NOK (≈ 46 EUR)
48 hours: 655 NOK (≈ 68 EUR)
72 hours: 820 NOK (≈ 85 EUR)



24 hours: 235 NOK (≈ 24 EUR)
48 hours: 325 NOK (≈ 34 EUR)
72 hours: 410 NOK (≈ 43 EUR)



24 hours: 355 NOK (≈ 37 EUR)
48 hours: 520 NOK (≈ 54 EUR)
72 hours: 655 NOK (≈ 68 EUR)
*Age limits and discounts