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Local bike adventures in Oslo

– Get your bike out and explore Oslo! The city is the perfect size. By bike you can easily reach lots of parks, scenic car-free forest trails, lookout points close to the city, and "secret" bathing spots. Or take your family to a little cabin café in the forest.

The recommendations come from Oslo local Øyvind Wold, who knows the city better than most after 20 years of bicycling around. He has written a guide to bicycle routes in Oslo, and speaks enthusiastically about the great possibilities for bicycle rides.

Bicycling in Oslo
Bicycling in Oslo
Photo: Øyvind Wold

Better bicycle lanes

– Oslo keeps improving the infrastructure for biking, Wold states. – For example by making new and wider bike lanes.

One example is the southward road from Bjørvika, along the road Mosseveien, with multiple bathing spots close to the road. There’s also the option of a detour to the idyllic island of Malmøya.

Riding west along the Oslo Fjord from Aker Brygge, you will find Oslo's perhaps easiest bicycle route; mostly flat and with an almost uninterrupted view of the fjord. From here you can make a detour to beautiful and quiet trails on the Bygdøy peninsula.

Riding north-east from Sinsen you're on a separate and safe bicycle path along the road Trondheimsveien. At Ammerud or Grorud you can take off to enter the Lillomarka forest.

– Spring is perhaps the nicest time for a bike ride, with clean streets and bright green leaves on the trees. I think many people will discover this is an efficient way to get around, but also very pleasant!

Bicycling in Oslo
Bicycling in Oslo
Photo: Øyvind Wold

The unknown Oslo

According to Wold, many of the city’s gems are unknown and rarely visited. He has many suggestions for hidden (but spectacular) trails and lookout points.

In his book there is a whole chapter on the rivers of Oslo – Akerselva is not the only river in the city! The paths along some of the rivers take you through green, captivating and somewhat dramatic nature. On some routes the lack of people is remarkable, as they are a bit off the beaten track.

On two wheels along the river

Wold particularly recommends these three "river routes":

– The first time I tried them myself, I was overwhelmed! I found these areas so peaceful, luxuriant and perfect for bicycling, yet I had never heard anyone mention these routes.

Alnaelva River

You can follow the river Alnaelva most of the way from Lillomarka all the way down to Bjørvika by the fjord.

The nature constantly changes along the river. You will ride through industrial areas on paved roads, through fairytale forests on narrow, winding paths, and across flat river banks. In the Svartdalen valley you cross a rope bridge and the trail meanders beautifully through dense forest down to the bank of the river.

– The surroundings change so fast, you should ride slowly to make sure you don’t miss anything. The Alnaelva river is an adventure best experienced on a bike, concludes Wold.

The expert

Øyvind Wold is the author of the book "På sykkel i Oslo", which is a guide to bicycle routes in Oslo, mainly easy rides of 10-20 kilometers.