My Oslo: Pauline Krokeide
Pauline at Sørenga
Pauline at Sørenga
Photo: Renate Torseth / Pudder Agency

Styling: Hege Aurelie Badendyck for | Photo: Renate Torseth / Pudder Agency | Hair and makeup: Therese Dombek / Eleni & Chris | Photo assistant: Tonje Barstad | Agency: Heartbreak

Pauline Krokeide


Oslo native Pauline has to think when she is asked about her fondest Oslo memory.

– When you're born and raised in Oslo, it's hard to choose one memory. I have experienced so many fun and great things in this city, everything from summers in Sørenga and Ulvøya to numerous museum visits with friends, to Astrup Fearnley for example.

Which place in Oslo is her favourite?

– I love visiting the Botanical Garden. Both because it's an amazing green space in the middle of Oslo and because you can see plants from all over the world there, all year round. 

The photo of Pauline was shot at Sørenga – one of the city’s new neighbourhoods with modern architecture and a popular seawater pool.

– I really enjoy going to Sørenga and the surrounding areas. I live in the Ekeberg hills just above Barcode, and have seen the development from an ugly motorway junction to a brand new and unique area in the city. It has been really exciting to watch.

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Pauline's top picks

"I love visiting the Botanical Garden ...
an amazing green space in the middle of Oslo"

The outfit

Swimsuit: Marianne Hurum / Tableau Shop
Blazer and trouses: Balenciaga
Ear ring: designed by the model herself

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