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Festival people

We talked to some of the festival guests at Øya 2015.

The concertgoer

Magnus at Øyafestivalenat the Øya Festival
Magnus at Øyafestivalenat the Øya Festival
Photo: VisitOSLO/Eli Thoresen

Magnus is from Oslo, and this is his second time at Øya. 

– I try to catch as many interesting concerts as I can in Oslo, Magnus says.

– Besides the Øya Festival I really like Bylarm. There's so much new to discover there, and the festival is hidden in different corners of the city.

Magnus is waiting for Courtney Barnett to go on stage.

– With Øya's long line-up there's a lot to be discovered here as well. Also, the whole event takes place in a park, so if you need a break, you can just sit down in the grass and watch people enjoying the festival.

The environmentalist

Ida at the Øya Festival
Ida at the Øya Festival
Photo: VisitOSLO/Eli Thoresen

Ida from Oslo attends Øya for the fifth time. This year she also got a ticket for her boyfriend, so he too can see how great the festival is. 


– I love that the Øya Festival is right in the middle of the city. I don’t know if I would have gone if it was somewhere outside Oslo. Here you can just walk home at the end of the day.

– I usually also go to National Music Day, she says, referring to an annual event in Oslo with free concerts all over the city.

Ida really appreciates Øya's environmental profile.

– My vegan sister finally has some good options in the food stands! Recycling stations are everywhere, and an environmentalist youth organization are present at the festival area. They even do the after-sorting of all the waste!

The veterans

Camilla and Rune at the Øya Festival
Camilla and Rune at the Øya Festival
Photo: VisitOSLO/Eli Thoresen

Camilla and Rune are at Øya for the 15th and 12th time respectively, and feel lucky to have this festival in their city. 

– We come here year after year, and have yet to be disappointed. Here you can dance, have a beer, and meet lots of interesting people.

– There’s something unique about the festival atmosphere that’s hard to put into words, says Camilla. It’s so including and open. All sorts of people come together here.

Camilla and Rune frequently experience Oslo’s festival and music scene.

– We usually catch Oslo Jazz Festival, Bylarm, Ultima … Last year we also went to an interesting punk festival in Gamlebyen.

A memory that really stands out is when a hail storm hit Øya to everybody’s surprise. Anything can happen here, in other words. After the festival that same year Camilla went to a late-night concert which she describes as magical: 

– It was a really strange underground concert – like a scene from a movie!

The festival family

Susanna and Kanutte at the Øya Festival
Susanna and Kanutte at the Øya Festival
Photo: VisitOSLO/Eli Thoresen

Susanna has brought her 3-year-old daughter Kanutte to Øya. The two are in the library tent reading a book, and Kanutte is having her face painted. 

The family lives in Oslo, and Kanutte often comes with mum and dad to festivals. The last time was the Gut Feelings festival earlier in the summer.

– She loves coming along and dancing to the music, having her face painted and other fun stuff, explains Susanna.

– This is even more fun than kindergarten, says Kanutte.

This is mum Susanna's fourth time at Øya, and she thinks the Øya Festival and Oslo in general are good at offering activities for different ages. And it helps a lot that Øya takes place in the city.

– It's great that we can just walk home when Kanutte gets tired. Or take a siesta at some point during the day.

The first-timer

Tor Inge at the Øya Festival
Tor Inge at the Øya Festival
Photo: VisitOSLO/Eli Thoresen

Tor Inge just moved to Oslo after many years in London. He has made it to Øya for the first time, having wanted to go for several years. 

He says the festival more than meets his expectations:

– Amazing atmosphere, and nice people. If you don't want to run from concert to concert, you can just sit in the grass and have a beer or something.

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