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Oslo is slowly but surely becoming an important city for foodies. But there are places other than restaurants and cafes to go for a great meal.

Food trucks are a genius way to eat on the go, and the many trucks of Oslo offer everything from fish & chips to gyros to vegan thai food. Check out our guide to some of the city’s coolest meals on wheels!


Note: The information on these trucks can be subject to changes. Some of the trucks move around Oslo from day to day, others remain in the same place, some close for the season, and some are only here for a very short time. The easiest way to see where your favourite truck is on any given day is to check its website or Facebook/Instagram/Twitter page. Also, there are more trucks than those mentioned here. New ones pop up all the time! Take a walk around and you're sure to stumble upon your new favourite meal.


Matvogn Youngstorget
VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen
Photo: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen

4 Gringos

4 Gringos is perhaps the most famous food truck in Oslo, and has two trucks in the city: One at Youngstorget and one at Aker Brygge. 4 Gringos’ menu consists of delicious tacos, burritos, nachos and other good stuff. They won the Norwegian Taco Championship at the Food Hall in 2015.



Takoyaki Norway

Takoyaki is a wheat-based ball with octopus inside. Even though this food truck is named after the Japanese dish, Takoyaki Norway also serves other affordable goodies from the land of the rising sun. The truck moves around, but always announces its location on social media.



Crepes & More

Crepes & More serves many fun types of crepes, and is a good place to eat both lunch and dessert. The truck moves around the city, but is usually placed at Youngstorget and the City Hall Square.



Anne På Landet

Anne På Landet serves handmade, often handpicked, Norwegian food. The truck often stands at Svartskog but will travel around sometimes. In addition to the food truck, Anne På Landet also has a café on the beach by Hvervenbukta.



Helt Rå

Helt Rå serves real Thai street food, and has many vegan-friendly goodies on the menu. The truck has served people at some of the biggest festivals in the country. Follow Helt Rå’s travels on their Facebook page.


VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen
Matvogn Øya
Photo: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen



GLØR offers, in their own words, “street food with fire”, made on the grill. GLØR’s food truck serves fresh, handmade meals. They also have a kitchen at the Det Andre Teatret Theatre. The truck moves around town, but has been known to stand at Youngstorget, the City Hall Square and at SALT by the harbor.



Yummi Langos

Langos is a Hungarian course made from potatoes, wheat, yeast and milk that’s deep-fried and topped with traditional Hungarian toppings. Yummi Langos moves around, from Spikersuppa to Aker Brygge. 



Good Mood Streetfood

Good Mood Streetfood is simple, tasty food on the go. Homemade burgers, stew, baked potatoes, wraps and “the best grilled cheese sandwich in town” are all on the menu. Good Mood Streetfood is usually found on Aker Brygge.




You’ll find these trucks all over the city. Go’Grilla aims to work as a healthy alternative to fast food with their homemade burgers, hot dogs and sweet potato fries.



SAAL Foodtruck

SAAL provides top-notch Italian street food. Pizza, Scampi & calamari and other tasty Italian treats are on the menu. SAAL has been standing in front of the City hall and at Aker Brygge.


Food truck in front of Nobel Peace Center
Food truck in front of Nobel Peace Center
Photo: VisitOSLO/Thomas Johannessen


More foodtrucks:


Fish & Chips (Fish & Chips)

Greek & Grill (Greek food)

Helt Riktig (Healthy fast food)

Hitchhiker (Burgers)

Kompass & Co (Green food, made by teenagers)

Moon Moon Food Truck (Asian gourmet street food)

Pølse Riders (Hot dogs, burgers, french fries)

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