Vulkan - a green neighbourhood

Green city planning

Once Oslo was awarded European Green Capital for 2019 back in May of 2017, it became even more important to show the eco-friendly sides of this city. 

Oslo already has a lot of environmentally sound things going for it, with many measures taken to secure a reduced carbon footprint and making the air and roads a little cleaner.


A changing industry


The districts of Oslo seem to one-up each other at every turn in green thinking, and Vulkan is one of the best. Formerly a traditional industrial area, with many factories, Vulkan is now a frontrunner for environmentally friendly operations in the city. A local energy central with geo wells as deep as 300 metres supply all buildings in the area with heating or air conditioning, depending on the season. The roof of the building that houses environmental protection organization Bellona, is equipped with gear that collects water to convert into electricity. The two hotels in the area, Scandic Vulkan and Ps:hotell both recycle energy from cooling rooms and elevators, and both are environmentally certified.



Something for everyone


But Vulkan isn’t the only area going greener by the minute. The Urban Environment Agency of Oslo are putting plans in motion. In removing some parking spaces, the city has room for creating green areas in the middle of the City, open for everybody. Bicycle parks, outdoors workplaces, miniature gardens in potholes, these are just some of the many things being built to make Oslo a nicer place for everybody.


Another area focusing on this is Tjuvholmen. Outdoor swimming pools and a beach line for water-enthusiasts and delightfully weird sculptures for art lovers. There has also been installed several artificial underwater reefs in the area, creating a safe haven for the local underwater wildlife.



 Green living

Akershus Fortress
Akershus Fortress
Photo: Didrick Stenersen / VisitOSLO


Additionally, the area around Akershus Fortress has several interesting developments going on. A parking garage to be used exclusively for electric cars has been built in Myntgata, under the fortress. Many plans are being put into action in order to remove all car traffic in this area, around the fortress and the City Hall. Several roads close for regular car traffic in the coming months. And at Fridtjof Nansen’s Plass, in front of the City Hall, tables and chairs have been put up in order to accommodate Osloites wanting to sit down to rest, work or hang out with their friends.


Things are looking good for the city named European Green Capital of 2019. And this is just the beginning of the green work being done in and around Oslo, to make it a more pleasant place for inhabitants and visitors alike! uses cookies

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