Interactive map of Edvard Munch's Oslo

Map of Edvard Munch’s Oslo

Our interactive guide to the ultimate Munch experience

If you love Edvard Munch or are curious about this world-famous artist, there’s no better place to be than Oslo. Not only can you see all his most famous artworks here, you can also stroll between his childhood homes and visit some of his favourite hangouts.

The map below shows the way to all the places in Oslo where you can see Munch’s art, all the places where he lived (none of which can be entered, unfortunately), some of the restaurants he frequented and other spots in the city that were important in Munch’s life. We have also mapped out a few places in Oslo that appear in Munch’s art – including the view that famously inspired Scream.

Click on or touch the pins in the map to navigate and get more information about the different locations.

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Munch at-a-glance

Edvard Munch (1863–1944)

  • world-renowned painter and printmaker

  • a pioneer of expressionism and representative of late 19th century symbolism

  • grew up and started out as an artist in Oslo, and returned to the city in his later years