Where did Edvard Munch live in Oslo? Interactive map of Munch's childhood addresses

Munch's Grünerløkka

Visit the area where Edvard Munch grew up and get a whiff of what Oslo was like in the late 1800s.

If you are interested in the places in Munch’s life and would like to get an idea of what Oslo was like when Munch was living here, a stroll around the borough of Grünerløkka is recommended. Munch spent most of his childhood in this area. 

It is not possble to visit any of Munch's old apartments. However, all the buildings where he and his family lived are still intact, in what is one of Oslo’s best kept areas with architecture from the latter part of the 19th century.

The interactive map below shows the way to Munch’s different childhood addresses at Grünerløkka, as well as his burial site at the cemetery Vår Frelsers Gravlund. Click or touch the points in the map to learn more about each address. 

Sources: Frank Høifødt. 2002. Munch in Oslo. Damm; munchmuseet.no

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