SKAM map: The locations from the hit series

The locations from SKAM

Are you a SKAM fan? Let us guide you to the locations in Oslo seen in the series. 

Use the number to find the location in the map below. Please show respect when going to see the school or apartment buildings: You cannot enter private property without permission, but you can see the buildings from the street. 

For each location, we have linked to scenes from the series. Unfortunately these clips are currently not available outside Norway.

1. The school

The teenagers on the show go to Hartvig Nissens skole (aka "Hartvig Nissen", or just "Nissen"), a real high school which is located in Niels Juels gate 56 in the Frogner area on Oslo's west side.

SKAM: The girls taking Vilde to see the school doctor
SKAM: The girls taking Vilde to see the school doctor
Photo: NRK

First season: Eva 

2. The tram stop at Briskeby, where Eva and Jonas argue and make up (season 1, episode 6)

3. The skating ramp in Gamlebyen, where Jonas and Isak go skateboarding (season 1, episode 7)  

Second season: Noora

SKAM: Noora & William
SKAM: Noora & William
Photo: NRK

4. The apartment Noora shares with Eskild, Linn and Isak (season 2, espisode 11)

William's apartment in Observatoriegata 14, Vika 

6. William and Noora's first date in Ekeberg (season 2, episode 2) 

7. The first kiss between Noora and William on the bridge Beierbrua (season 2, episode 5) 

8. Noora and William's argument at St. Hanshaugen park after he got into a fight (season 2, episode 8)

9. Noora meets Vilde to tell her that she is in love with William, at the top of St. Hanshaugen park (season 2, episode 8).

10. Noora confronts Nikolai at the bar Forest & Brown, Frogner (season 2, episode 10). 

11. Noora waits for William in the park outsiden the Police Station at Grønland, while he gives his statement to the police (season 2, episode 12). 

Third season: Isak 

SKAM: Isak & Even
SKAM: Isak & Even
Photo: NRK

12. Bislett Kebab, where the boys go to buy kebabs (season 3, episode 6)  

13. Isak waits for Even at the espresso bar Kaffebrenneriet in Skovveien before they go to a hotel (season 3, episode 8).

14. Isak and Even get a suite at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel (season 3, episode 8).

15. Isak looks for Even in the Grønland area, after Even ran naked out of the hotel (season 3, episode 8). 

16. Isak attends a Christmas concert with his parents in Sagene church (season 3, episode 9

Fourth season: Sana

SKAM, season 4: Sana
SKAM, season 4: Sana
Photo: NRK

17. Sana and the girls eat frozen yoghurt on a bench at Teaterplassen square, Grønland, when Sana receives a message from her brother (season 4, episode 1)

18. The girls meet Sana's brother Elias and his friends at a gym at Tøyen (season 4, episode 1

19. Sana, Noora, Vilde and Magnus have coffee in the Kuba park by Vulkan (season 4, episode 4)

20. Sana and Noora have tea at Evita Espressobar Smalgangen (season 4, episode 4

21. Sana and Yousef play basketball on their way back to Sana's house (season 4, episode 4

22. Sana and all her friends attend a party at Syng, a karaoke bar by the river Akerselva (season 4, episode 5)

23. Sana and Isak have a talk on a bench in Uranienborgparken after Isak found out about Sana's revenge (season 4, episode 7). 

24. Sana and Yousef hang out at Sørenga for their first date (season 4, episode 9). 

25. William and Noora relax in the grass on the Bygdøy peninsula with a view of the Oslo Fjord, while Noora works on her speech for Sana's Eid party (season 4, episode 10). 

About SKAM

SKAM - season 3
SKAM - season 3
Photo: NRK

SKAM is an online TV series revolving around the lives of a group of teenagers at the high school Hartvig Nissens skole. It's produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

Each season follows one main character. Scenes are published through the week at, along with text messages between the characters and social media content. The characters have their own Instagram accounts.

Season 1: autumn 2015 (Eva) 
Season 2: spring 2016 (Noora) 
Season 3: autumn 2016 (Isak) 
Season 4: spring 2017 (Sana)

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