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Booking conditions

Who is responsible?
VisitOSLO AS is responsible for the quality and for dealing with all the travel arrangement for which you have paid. The sub-contractors VisitOSLO AS work with are responsible for their part in the travel arrangement.

VisitOSLO AS is responsible for ensuring that:
- You receive the necessary travel document.
- You are informed of any alterations concerning your reservations.
- The supplier(s) receives payment for the services you have purchased.
When does the order become binding?
The order becomes binding when VisitOSLO AS confirms the booking verbally or in writing. A booking made on the Internet becomes binding when you receive your booking number.

When do I pay?
Payment must take place at the same time as the booking is made. If there are not enough funds in your account, we will try to contact you. We will cancel your reservation if we fail to reach you.

What are the conditions if I wish to cancel?
You may cancel your booking online (you receive a login and password when you book online), or by contacting VisitOSLO AS. If any difficulties should arise at short notice or outside office hours, you may cancel your booking by calling the hotel directly. However you must still inform VisitOSLO AS of this within 1 week. Repayment cannot be guaranteed if the cancellation was made directly to the hotel. Please note that an alteration is regarded as cancellation, and that accommodation prices may change at any time and be different at time of change.

Please also note that in case of cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged:
- Until 48 hours prior to arrival: you will be charged NOK 60.
- Less than 48 hours prior to arrival or if you don't show up at the hotel: you will be charged for the first night.

What if I just need to alter something?
Alterations are regarded as cancellations. See “What are the conditions if I wish to cancel?”.

Hotel packages with event tickets cannot be cancelled:
The following applies to bookings of hotel packages that include tickets to an event: The purchase is completed when payment has been made. Purchased tickets are non-refundable. Tickets cannot be refunded if lost or stolen. The right of cancellation does not apply to tickets, cf §12 of Angrerettloven (the Norwegian "Act on the right to repent a sale of goods").


What if something goes wrong?
If you are not supplied in accordance with your booking, and if no alternative (which differs little from your original booking, another hotel in the same class and area for example) can be arranged, you are then entitled to make a cancellation. VisitOSLO AS will refund what you have paid, with deduction of any part of the booking already used. If you have any complaints regarding matters that have occurred after arrival (ie at the hotel), make sure to sort this out with the concerned part/s at the time it occurs. If you wish to make a complaint afterwards you should first contact VisitOSLO AS. Please note that your chances of being refunded are reduced if you wait too long before filing a complaint.

What happens if we do not agree?
If we are unable to come to some agreement, you may apply to the Complaints Office for Charter Tours, Postboks 2924 Solli, 0230 Oslo, Norway, within four weeks after VisitOSLO AS have given its final response on the matter.

Alterations and errors
All information is given with reservation for alterations that may occur after the pages were updated. We also reserve the right for possible written errors. 

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