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Welcome to the meeting city of Oslo

The power of different people coming together has always been a driving force in Oslo. A thousand years of history has transformed a humble Viking trading village into a dynamic, cosmopolitan hub with a strong economy, spectacular arcitecture and vibrant neighbourhoods.

Oslo will strive to make your event a success. State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, combined with a high service and skill level in the event industry, guarantee that everything will run smoothly. Oslo's compact size will allow you to stand out and truly feel special in our city.

We offer you:




A world class meeting destination

Oslo hosts over 300 international conferences every year. It's a safe and sustainable city, compact and with efficient logistics. 



Leading hubs for science and innovation

Oslo is home to several leading scientific communities and research hospitals. It has earned a reputation as a hothouse of entrepreneurship, with co-working spaces and innovation hubs popping up all over town.



State of the art meeting facilities

Oslo boast a wide range of state-of the art conference centres, where the largest can accomodate up to 8000 meeting delegates.



Experienced and well-connected organisers

APCO-certified PCOs and Oslo Convention Bureau, with 30 years of experience and strong ties to the city's scientific communities, are ready to assist you with your planning. 


Oslo Convention Bureau provides free information on Oslo as a venue for meetings and conventions. Contact us today to start the planning of your event in Oslo.

Oslo hotels quick facts



Oslo's hotel offer is in constant development, with 14 000 rooms today and a projected 17 000 by 2021.

The majority of hotels belong to international groups such as Clarion, Radisson, Scandic and Thon Hotels,
ensuring consistent quality and a high service level.

Wifi is always free
and included, and a buffet-style breakfast is included at most places. There is no additional hotel tax in Oslo.




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Oslo Convention Bureau is a member of ICCA, with representation on the ICCA Board of Directors.

We are also a member of PCMA, IAEE and ECM.