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Invite your peers to Oslo

Are you a passionate professional who would like to invite your peers to a conference in Oslo? Get in touch – we would love to help you.

Why host a conference?

Lecture at the Nobel Peace Centre
Lecture at the Nobel Peace Centre
Photo: Susanne A. Finnes/VisitOSLO

As you know, conferences are where the magic happens. Peers meet face to face to present, discuss, and further develop new ideas. Presentations feature the latest findings from ongoing projects, long before they appear in any journal. People establish valuable connections both inside and outside the conference venues.

You can be the one to make all this happen! Hosting a conference is gratifying on both a personal and professional level, for several reasons:

  • you bring new knowledge and inspiration to your local academic community
  • you set the agenda for your field through the conference topics you select
  • many of your Norwegian colleagues will be able attend, giving Norwegian research a strong presence at the conference
  • you get to expand your international network
  • you create a forum where you can get in touch with potential investors
  • you get to show your peers the innovative and inspiring city of Oslo

How about all the work?

Organising a conference surely does entail a lot of work, but fortunately, our team at VisitOSLO is ready to assist you. We find the right people to take care of all the practical aspects of the event, so you can focus on the interesting stuff

If you are trying to get a particular conference to Oslo, we can help you through the entire application process.

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