Oslo is rubbish

Oslo is rubbish

The 2019 European Green Capital has innovated lots of sustainable solutions for travel, eating and cultural experiences, simply by harnessing power from the waste it produces. That's why we say Oslo is rubbish. In a good way!

Rubbish leisure

Built entirely from driftwood recovered from the fjord it proudly floats on, the Oslo sauna raft is open to all. Just remember to bring your towel!

Rejects for dinner

From garbage to gourmet: Restaurants like Oslo’s Rest use surplus food and unsaleable produce to create a fine dining experience like no other. Make sure to book ahead, though, the restaurant gets really busy.

Even the bikes are junk

The best way to experience Oslo? By bike, of course. Or better yet: a recycled one. See how a trip around Europe's Green Capital needn't cost the earth.

Turns out the art scene is trashy, too

Nothing more than recycled junk, discover the bright and sustainable ideas that light up Oslo’s creative scene.