Oslo to the rescue

Oslo to the rescue

When two travelling Kiwis found themselves trapped among selfie sticks in an overcrowded city, Oslo came to the rescue. 

This summer, Marela and Sam from New Zealand went on a trip to Europe. As it turned out, they were not the only ones. Their itinerary included some of the continent's most visited destinations, and after battling crowds of people and selfie sticks in a museum, a somewhat disheartened Marela commented on the experience on Instagram.

Through the initiative The Great Escape, the couple was "rescued" to Oslo for a less crowded city break.

They were served delicious food and wine, tried stand-up paddling on the Oslo Fjord, made use of Oslo's app-connected City Bikes, and last but not least, got to admire one of Munch's masterpieces completely undisturbed. So Marela and Sam's two days in Oslo were packed with experiences, but not with people.

Watch the video above for some glimpses of Sam and Marela's escape to Oslo.

Marela and Sam visiting the James Turrell installation in Ekebergparken Sculpture Park
Marela and Sam visiting the James Turrell installation in Ekebergparken Sculpture Park
Photo: VisitOSLO/Waterdrop

Curious about the activities and places featured in the video?  
Marela and Sam went to Bar Brutus, Himkok, the café at Astrup Fearnley Museet, Godt Brød Grünerløkka, Astral, Vippa Oslo, the National Gallery, Ekebergparken Sculpture Park and Blå. They stayed in an AirBnB accommodation in Barcode, used city bikes from Oslo Bysykkel, tried SUP with Aksel Kolstad (bookable through the Lokalii app), and went to a Sofar Sounds "secret concert"

The "rescue mission" was made possible through The Great Escape – a collaboration organised through Oslo Brand Alliance, which includes Oslo Region, Oslo Business Region and VisitOSLO. 

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