Lonely Planet lists Oslo as one of ten cities you must visit in 2018. To celebrate, we invited a group of people from around the world to experience first hand what Oslo has to offer.

During their visit 9–10 February they had a wide range of Oslo experiences, from world-champion sushi and coffee to fashion, art and winter activities. There was also a sauna session on the fjord, and some of our brave visitors jumped into the freezing Oslo Fjord. 

Each of the participants was paired with an Oslo local who showed them some of their own favourite places, to give the guests a unique "behind the scenes" experience. 

Meet our 10 lucky guests: 


Adriana "Anda" Cristina Stanciu

Country:   Romania 
Age:   39 

photography, Insta meets, yoga, dogs

Anda works with sales in the telecom industry. In her free time she is a passionate instagrammer, and loves to photograph her home city of Bucharest. When it comes to music she enjoys classical, jazz, pop and ambient. Anda is no stranger to snow and cold temperatures, but has never skied in her life. She wants to try, though! She prefers wine over beer, and fish and veggies over meat. She has a dream that she might experience northern lights in Norway.


Vasiliki "Vasia" Garifally

Country:   Greece
Age:   29
Interests:   wine, sports, Jo Nesbø's books

Vasia is a doctor and wine lover from Greece who fell in love with Oslo through the books of Jo Nesbø. She's a sporty person, and tells us that people often think she is a much more serious person than she actually is. She wants to experience the northern lights, Holmenkollen and the Munch Museum.


Clara Morisson

Country:   Brazil
Age:   32
Interests:   photography, street art, swimming, vintage shops

Clara is from Brazil, but currently lives in Dublin, where she works as a freelance photographer. She loves street art, vintage stuff, swimming and cycling. Together with her husband she runs a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing their travel experiences. 


Isabella Allievi

Country:   Italy, but turning Japanese
Age:   27 
Interests:   interior design, furniture design

Isabella is Italian, but lives in Tokyo, Japan. She moved to Tokyo because she wanted to experience a totally different way of life than what she was used to. However, when she first moved there she felt lonely in the beginning, and spent a lot of time at Café Fuglen, a café that originates in Oslo. That was where she got to know Oslo and became interested in Norwegian design. Isabella loves art and architecture and describes herself as naturally curious.


Daniel Campos Sánchez

Country:   Peru
Interests:   food!, photography

Daniel is an active food blogger from Peru who settled in Stockholm, Sweden 3 years ago. He works full time as a chef while also working to make his food blog into a living.


Zélia Monteiro

Country:   France
Age:   21
Interests:   SKAM (tv), movies, cats, Norwegian language

Zélia is our youngest participant. She discovered Oslo and Norway through the tv show SKAM, and started to learn Norwegian after watching it. As you do. She's also teaching herself mandarin, but Norwegian is the most impressive language. She listens to Norwegian pop artists like Astrid S, and even though she enjoys hip-hop she has not heard any Norwegian hip-hop ...


Tor Rolf Johansen

Country:   USA 
Age:   44 years young 
Interests:   video and photography, everything Norwegian 

Tor is an American with a Norwegian name. How can this be? Well, his family is Norwegian. Yet, he does not speak Norwegian and has never even visited the country! Instead he lives in Los Angeles, working as a photographer/cinematographer in the movie industry. However, he feels very strongly for all things Scandinavian and is very proud of his Norwegian heritage. Tor hopes to get in touch with locals here in Oslo and replenish his supply of Norwegian culture ...


Lois Eva Adhiambo Adongo 

Country:   Kenya
Age:   38
Interests:   fashion, food

Eva says she is a "travel addict", and she's probably right about that. She has visited more than 50 countries, and sets out to visit 5 countries every year. She is very open as a person, and enjoys a bit of attention. She runs a fashion accesories store on Etsy selling African-themed products. She hopes to eat lots of local food in Oslo, because that's her favourite way of getting to know new cultures, and to see Norwegian nature ...


Matthew Eagles

Country:   UK
Age:   35 
Interests:   coffee, art, crossfit

Matthew runs a coffee shop in Birmingham, and is an avid crossfit'er. He likes art, history, and cultural sightseeing, and would love to see the Viking Ship Museum. Matthew loves beer and wine equally, and still manages to be into different types of sports. In his spare time he is also trying to renovate his old Victorian house.


Julian Nolte 

Country:   Germany
Age:   30
Interests:   antiques markets, the royal family

Julian is from Düsseldorf in Germany, where he lives with his Norwegian boyfriend. You would think his boyfriend had made him travel to Norway, but Julian has never visited our country before. He loves 80's pop music, and names trash TV as his top guilty pleasure. Julian would love to try the floating sauna next to the Opera House.


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