Oslo's art scene: From Damien Hirst to Edvard Munch - #visitoslo2018

Exploring Oslo's art scene

From Damien Hirst and urban art to the Munch Museum basement

Meet Isabella from Italy and Vasia from Greece, two of the #visitoslo2018 participants, on a tour of Oslo's art scene: 

Isabella lives in Tokyo, where she has spent a lot of time a a café called Fuglen, which is originally a café in Oslo.

'I really like the atmosphere, the Norwegian design and of course the coffee. I also started to know the staff and I got really interested in the city of Oslo, promised to myself I would visit that city in the future.' 

Her itinerary in Oslo was greatly influenced by her passion for art and architecture. She got to explore Norwegian architecture and design, and of course she had a chance to visit the original Fuglen – and made a new friend in the owner. 

Isabella at Fuglen and the Vigeland Museum
Isabella at Fuglen and the Vigeland Museum
Photo: Babusjka/VisitOSLO

'I still can't believe I had the fortune to be here in this beautiful city with other 9 beautiful people from around the world, exploring what the must-visit city in 2018 has to offer!' 

Isabella and Vasia were introduced to different aspects of art in Oslo, from contemporary works at Astrup Fearnley Museet, via surprising street art, to the grand old men of Oslo's art scene; Gustav Vigeland and Edvard Munch. 

Isabella and Vasia 'behind the scenes' at the Munch Museum
Isabella and Vasia 'behind the scenes' at the Munch Museum
Photo: VisitOSLO

For Vasia, the best part was the unique visit to the Munch Museum: 

'We had the opportunity to take a glimpse of a forthcoming exhibition – we went behind closed doors! Also, we witnessed a painting conservation procedure, real time!' 



His way of depicting all aspects of human relationships makes his statues look almost alive!