Four ways to enjoy autumn in the Oslo region

Autumn in the Oslo region

Four ways to enjoy the Norwegian fall to the fullest

Autumn has arrived, and those crisp, sun-filled days are perfect for experiencing nature up close. In the Oslo region, getting to the great outdoors is easy, and you can choose among a wide range of experiences within a small radius.

Read on to learn more about great ways of enjoying autumn around the Norwegian capital.

1. Take a colourful stroll in the city

Oslo has grown into a metropolis filled to the brim with urban fun, but luckily, nature still remains close. The Oslo fjord is right there, and only a few minutes away from the bustling streets you'll find those serene coastal fall tableaus.


Autumn at Huk beach, Oslo
Autumn at Huk beach, Oslo
Photo: VisitOSLO/Tord Baklund


Oslo's many parks are coated in vibrant shades of red and yellow. You can also go for a hike along the Akerselva river and experience how peaceful life in a capital can be. 

2. Feel the tranquillity of forests and mountains

North-East of Oslo lies the enchanting forests areas known as Finnskogen, where the 150-mile-long Finnskogleden trail is a great choice for an autumnal hike. 

Here you'll also find an abundance of fishing spots with opportunities to make a big catch. Perhaps you'll even spot an elk, the king of the forest himself?


Family fishing in Hedmark
Family fishing in Hedmark
Photo: Visit Oslo Region/Didrick Stenersen


Around Lillehammer and the Gudbrandsdalen valley, fresh air and endless trails in friendly mountainscapes await. Bring your family on a summit climb or an unforgettable bike ride.

3. Follow the coastal path to the world's end

South of Oslo, the well-signed coastal path is an excellent choice for a great fall day outdoors. The path starts at the Swedish border in Østfold, winds its way along the entire Oslo fjord, and continues further south from Vestfold.

Verdens ende, Tjøme
Verdens ende, Tjøme
Photo: Ellen Larsen/Visit Vestfold

The coastal landscapes are easily accessible, and the path takes you through Norway's only maritime national parks, Ytre Hvaler National park and Færder National Park. In Færder National Park you'll find the recreational area Verdens ende ('the world's end), known for its soothing views of the Skagerak horizon.

4. Hike like a pilgrim

How about adding some historical flair to your outdoor autumn experiences? We highly recommend trying one or more of the many lags that together make up the pilgrims' route through the Oslo region. These century-old paths will take you through different kinds of landscapes and past many exciting historic sites. 


At Sygard-Grytting
At Sygard-Grytting
Photo: VisitOsloregion/Didrick Stenersen