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Munch's places in the Oslo region

Get a sense of Edvard Munch's life.

The Oslo region has a lot to offer those who are interested in Edvard Munch's biography. A few of his dwellings are preserved just as he left them, and serve as vivid documents of his life and artistic practice.

You can also visit the many towns and places in the Oslo region that play a role in the story of Edvard Munch – which all have something to offer travelling Munch enthusiasts.

Dwellings and other biographical attractions

Edvard Munch lived in many places in the Oslo region throughout life, both over time and for shorter periods. Two of his dwellings have remained just as he left them: his beloved cottage in Åsgårdstrand and his studio at Ekely in Oslo.

Other places contain fewer direct traces of Munch, but nevertheless evoke a sense of his life, such as the Munch Centre in Løten and the apartment buildings at Grünerløkka where he grew up. At Our Savior’s Cemetery in Oslo, you’ll find Munch's final resting place.

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Places in Munch's life

If you’d like to further deepen your understanding of Edvard Munch, you can follow a path that takes you to all the places in the Oslo region that were of relevance to his life and artistic development.

Vågå is the place where Munch’s forefathers came from. Fredrikstad is the place where his mothers grew up. Løten is his birthplace, and Åsgårdstrand, Kragerø and Moss were all integral to his artistic career at different points in his life.