Munch 2020 - Oslo region -

Make 2020 the year of Munch

Why next year is the perfect time to follow in the footseps of the world-famous artist through the Oslo region.

The art of Edvard Munch is more popular than ever, and large Munch exhibitions in New York, Paris and London have taken audiences by storm the last few years. Meanwhile, Munch’s hometown of Oslo has been preparing a unique gift for art enthusiasts from all over the world: a brand new museum for Edvard Munch’s art.

The Norwegian capital owns the bulk of Munch’s works, over 28 000 in number, and come spring of 2020 what will be one of the world’s largest single artist museums is set to open its doors. Across 13 floors, visitors will be able to see more of Munch than ever before, and masterpieces such as Scream will always be on display.

In addition to being among the first people to enter the new museum, as a 2020 visitor in Oslo you'll find yourself in a strikingly dynamic capital that has undergone amazing changes over the last decade.

New neighbourhoods and landmarks of modern architecture have reshaped the face of the city. Small revolutions in food, coffee and craft beers have put Oslo on the world’s culinary radar. Add in an ever-evolving cultural scene and rare creative talent, and you'll se why Oslo has emerged as the new capital of scandi-cool.

And -- as if the world's largest Munch collection located in a dynamic capital wasn't enough, a Munch trip to Oslo can be complemented by an in-depth exploraton of the artist's work and life in the surrounding region. Within a two hour radius of Oslo you find Munch's birthplace, his only preserved home and the very landscapes that inspired some of his most famous motifs - among other things,

Now, start planning your 2020 Munch journey to the Oslo region.

Getting here

Getting to the Oslo region is easy.

Oslo Airport, with over 200 international flights a day, is the main gateway to the region. It is situated just north of Oslo, and is easily accessible from Oslo city centre by Flytoget Airport Express Train.