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Edvard Munch - Art and life

Edvard Munch was inspired by both the external landscape and his own internal landscape. The places in which he settled, for longer or shorter periods, are visible in his paintings. Many have become world-famous, iconic images and most of the places can still be experienced much as they were when he painted them. 

A walk around Kragerø, Jeløya or Ekely will give many insights into the motifs we know so well. In Kragerø we see the sun sinking into the sea between those same trees, on the bridge in Åsgårdstrand we may still catch a glimpse of the girls, and on a sunny spring day in Oslo we will still see the well-to-do parading up the main thoroughfare - as they did in Munch’s day. 


The moods of his works can be recaptured through storytelling, food and culture at the places where the paintings were made. Explore Munch’s art, experience the light and landscapes that inspired him, visit the places that were essential to his artistic life.  


You can plan the trips yourself, or let Munchtours tailor the tours for you, see (external link).