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Munch in Åsgårdstrand

- Where Edvard Munch made his first home

In Åsgårdstrand one can get to know both Munch the artist and Munch the person. A guided tour will take you past Munch’s landscapes – the fjord coastline, the narrow streets with white houses – and give you a sense of what it was that inspired many of the artist’s most renowned works. The first home he made – his tiny ‘Lykkehus’, or ‘Happy House’ – is now a museum, and visitors come face to face with the world-famous artist. ‘It is here’, he once said, ‘that I painted my best pictures for more than 30 years…’


Munchs house, Vestfoldmuseene iks
T: 48 22 92 98
T: 409 15 900

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