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Munch in Kragerø

- Where Edvard Munch gave us the sun

It was at Skrubben, outside Kragerø, that Edvard Munch made a fresh start on life. The famous, monumental work ‘The Sun’ – inspired in Kragerø and central in his creative development – can be seen as a symbol of his own artistic ‘sunrise’ after many years in a vale of shadows. To walk in Munch’s footsteps through Kragerø is to follow him during one of the most important, optimistic and productive periods of his life. 


Munch’s years in Kragerø (1909–1915) form a period of his career that for him was one of the most intense, and for us one of the most fascinating. The pleasure he took from his work can be seen in his extraordinary productivity, his experimentation with methods and colour, and his almost obsessive campaign to win the prestigious commission to decorate the University Aula in Oslo.


– 'I am fully engaged in my work, in fact it seems I am now at the height of my powers. My work has never given me so much pleasure as now.' (Edvard Munch, Kragerø, May 1909).

Munch-vandring Kart
Munch-vandring Kart


In the footsteps of Edvard Munch


Discover reproductions of motifs from Kragerø by Edvard Munch on this signposted trail. Welcome to an informative and adventurous walk in the footsteps of Edvard Munch.


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