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Edvard Munch in Løten

- Where he first put pencil to paper

Visit Edvard Munch’s childhood haunts. You can walk or cycle the Munch Trail where the Munch family history all started. Here you can learn the story of the family’s first home, Engelhaug, and of Munch’s birthplace at Ådalsbruk in Løten, and at the Munch Centre you can see the first drawings he ever made.


Join Munch on his first artistic adventure

In the Munch Centre at Klevfos the exhibition focuses on the young Edvard Munch, his early artistic efforts, and on the visits he made to this region once the family moved to Oslo.

Here you can see the first drawings he made, listen to letters Edvard wrote to his father and Aunt Karen while he was at Løten and read the correspondence of the Munch family with close friends at Ådalsbruk. If you are a budding artist you can try your hand at painting facial colour, just like Munch did.



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