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Munch in Moss

- Where Edvard Munch inspired The Art Town

Moss has a long history as an Art Town. One of Norway’s first fine arts societies was formed here and with the opening of Galleri F15 in 1966 it embraced contemporary art. Today Galleri F15 is part of Punkt Ø, which also runs Momentum, the biannual Scandinavian contemporary art festival. Several renowned private galleries have their bases in Moss, and in addition both the Moss Kunstforening (Art Society) and Refsnes Gods hotel maintain impressive collections of works by Edvard Munch and Andy Warhol. Several renowned artists made Moss their home – including Munch, who lived and worked here from 1913 to 1916.


The island of Jeløya outside the town centre is perfect for a day trip, and there is also accommodation, if it should be required. Here there are manor farms, small white cottages, fjord views, town beaches and a busy maritime community. Walkers who follow the coastal trail will be rewarded with stunning views of the manor farm estates. Galleri F15, with its popular café, is on Jeløya at Alby Gård; at Refsnes Gods you can enjoy a meal in the acclaimed restaurant or spend a night in rooms with art themes.