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Munch in Vågå

- Where Munch's forefathers came from

On a tour of the Munch sites around Vågå you will discover many new aspects of Edvard Munch. He was fascinated by the way our inherited genetic material forms us as persons. Since several generations on his father’s side had lived in Vågå, he came here as a young man to find his roots. All of these ancestors were men of high social distinction. Among the women, we might mention his great-grandmother Christine Storm Munch, who held a prominent place in the family annals. Edvard Munch often had Vågå in his thoughts and maintained close ties with Vågå throughout his life, visiting several times.


On your visit, you can follow Munch on a tour of Vågå. Our Munch Tour will give you insights into how he would have experienced the village, what reflections he had on his ancestors from Vågå and how these might have formed him as a person and as an artist. There are three stops, and at each a Sound Shower has been installed, playing an episode of the play, ‘Oldemors portrett’ (‘Portrait of Great-Grandmother’).


Vågå kommune

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